Are you a boat owner? Are you prepared to defend yourself and your property

           while on the water? Do you know the laws about firearms and other weapons

           aboard a boat? Our instructors can help you  learn how to clear your boat, prevent

           unwanted onboarding, and understand the correct equipment and its use.  Available

           individually or to groups of boaters at the same time.  Call for more information.


















          We are painfully aware that training for self protection, not as an Olympic Sport

            but as a means of survival is still in the infant stage of acceptance as a needed 

            tool in your family's household protection plan.  Therefore, we are making ourselves

            available to speak with your school, church, civic organization, school sports team, 

            scouting group, club or other groups about informational talks on

            Situational Awareness, Conflict Avoidance, Personal Safety, Senior Safety, Tips for Babysitters,

            and Bullying. We will develop, with you, a customized training just for your specific needs. If a site

            review is needed to pinpoint areas of training, we will provide that at no cost.  Fees for training

            will depend on topics covered and time.  We will include free applications you can download for 

            additional help and advise you of low cost implementation of other security protocols.

            Call for more information and to schedule.     









             Schools and churches are some of the last places we expect to not be safe but

             history and current events are telling us differently. Public schools have budgets 

             and staff already in place but private schools, daycare centers and churches are

             new to the dilemma facing us all.  No place is safe without intention to keep it safe.

             We do safety and security site assessments with school and church staff to go over

             what is already in place and what needs to happen, now and in the future. Learn 

             how to develop a plan, who will be on your safety and security team. 

             Interactive training for leadership and staff.

Other Services




Learn about how to protect your children from the internet and your personal and business data from hackers. Individual and corporate consultation  is available to insure that your computers, tablets, phones and other electronics are protected from intruders. Our instructors will help you remove unknown open doors to your data and keep you, your family and your business safer.  Call for more information.

Paraclete Training Sytems is available to come speak to your condo or homeowner's association and/or residents about prevention and

protection. The best plan is well developed and practiced. Do you have a plan should you discover intruders? Did you know that you have many forms of defense within your home even without the presence of a firearm?  Training covers situational awareness, prevention and response, is 90 minutes in length and should be scheduled one month  in advance.  Call for more information.           


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